What is Paybit Club?

PayBit is a club of entrepreneurs around the world, focused on promoting the use of bitcoin by facilitating payment processing and eliminating intermediaries, Paybit Club never touches its customers' bitcoin

Where can I see more of this business?

Watch the following video:

How do I register?

You just have to enter this link https://my.paybitclub.com/register/launch and fill the form

The PayBitClub company where you have your offices?

The company is located at this address:

PayBit Marketing Inc
2 North Central Ave
Suite 1800
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Who are the founders of PayBitClub?

Daniel Cruz - Licensed in graphic design

Jairo flores - MLM Industry Millionaire

Pedro Garcia - MLM Industry Millionaire

How often does the company pay?

The company pays immediately when you register a new member.

How does the company pay?

The company pays the commissions only in bitcoin, directly to the BTC wallet that the client decides.

This web page http://launch.teampaybitclub.com is part of Paybitclub.com?

No, it was simply created by an independent group to educate people who want to enter the world of bitcoin and can learn to win intelligently with this great company.

How old is the company?

More than 2 months online and its founders have many years of experience in the industry.

Is this project a ponzi system?

No, because we have a real product that is our bitcoin payment processing software that processes the payments of the businesses linked to the company and these generate sales without the need to recruit, This makes us a legitimate and sustainable project.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, card payments are accepted, but we recommend making the payment with Bitcoin, in case you want to pay by card, the company has very strict policies for processing card payments, they are as follows:

Payment conditions with credit / debit card

1. The card must be in the name of the account owner at paybitclub

2. The identification must have the same name as the card

3. It is not allowed to use a card to pay someone else's account

4. Card processing fee is 10%

Account approval process

1. Enter your position regularly in the system

2. Take a photo of your ID and Card and send the photos to finance@paybitclub.com

3. With your username (On your card you can cover all the numbers except for the last 4 if you wish)

4. Wait to receive a return email validating your account

Commissions and compensation plan

1. Commissions will be detained for the time of the account verification process

2. The sponsor and 4 extra levels in unilevel are responsible for the use of each user's card

3. Chargebacks will be subtracted from commissions

4. Chargebacks will be sanctioned with 5 levels of daily payment in unilevel until the person responsible for the chargeback arranges with their bank

5. Organizations with more than 5 chargeback will be prohibited from using the card in their organizations

6. Any sponsor with 1+ chargebacks will not be able to enter more people with cards

Bitcoin Price

        USD $62616

        EUR €52301